Support Group

Why a Support Group?

Sympathy and exchange of information with non-sufferers is important but only those who have been there can truly identify. Group sessions are a safe place to ventilate feelings and concerns.

If it is often difficult for a TN patient to express his or her feelings to family and friends, and it is easier to talk with others who are facing similar problems in a support group. There is unexpected relief in talking with a fellow sufferer who really understands.

Support groups teach people to be active rather than passive in dealing with the problems of TN. They provide a sense of community. It is important to have a place where you can go, and without saying a word, be accepted and understood.

The TNAC would like to establish a support group in every city in Canada. We provide a package of information to help you if you are interested in starting a support group.If there is no support group in your area and you would like to find out how to start one, please contact or call Ann Hopkins at the number listed below.

Support Group Locations

NOTE:  Please note location and time zone of support groups when calling.  Thank you!

Vancouver and Lower Mainland:
Victoria, BC
Lethbridge, AB
Edmonton and Surrounding Areas:
Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall areas):
London and Southwestern Ontario:

Local Telephone Contacts

We know that not everyone is close to a support group. Nor is everyone who would like to be a part of a support group close enough to others so that one can be started in their area. However TNAC aims to support as many people across Canada as possible. If you would like to start a support group, or attend one, please contact Ann Hopkins at 604.741.0662 (NOTE this is PST – located in British Columbia). If you are not able to attend a support group or would just like someone to talk to you can also contact Ann. We have people across Canada coping with TN who are willing to talk and share with you. In order to connect with someone in your area please contact Ann Hopkins at 604.741.0662 (PST) or Ann will give you the name, number, or email of a person close to you that you can talk with! TNAC board members are also available and willing to talk and be a listening ear as well. We are here to help you through the ups and downs of living with TN!